Who Are We?

Real Food
Clean & Simple

Nourish yourself how nature intended with only unprocessed, natural ingredients. Our Springville, Utah production facility locally sources all of our food so everything is delivered, prepped, cooked, and sent off to you with care in mind. If you’re new to the unprocessed life, get ready to feel like a whole new you!

Heroes Behind
the Order

Our meal-prep team consists of a nutritionist / dietitian and established head chef. One guarantees the best flavors in the game, while the other reels in the calories and balances each meal so you get the best fuel for you. Each meal is prepped by hand (meat pulled, veggies chopped) by real people with you in mind.

Sealed in Freshness

Once cooked and cooled (not frozen), our meals are vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. They are then placed in an insulated box with plenty of ice and packed tight before being shipped overnight to your doorstep.

Only Good Feels

By eating colorful, natural, whole foods, you will be well on your way to feeling more energized, clear-headed, and uplifted. Combine healthy eating with other behavioral changes and a solid fitness routine for even more positive change.

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