8 - Week Program

A clean slate

Leave The Past Behind You

A Clean Slate

If your previous attempts to change your habits have failed, we want to help. Ditch the meal planning, shopping, and hours of cooking for the FreshStart program: delivered, restaurant-quality entrées that help you meet your goals.

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Your Dedicated Cheerleader

Your Dedicated Cheerleader

Personalized Support

Everyone deserves a friend in their corner. FreshStart pairs you with a Health Success Coach to help you meet your goals and find support when you need it the most. They'll help you create the best experience possible.


Your key to lasting success

  • Individualized


    Every health journey is different. That's why having a coach who knows you personally is vital to your lasting success.

  • Informed


    Our Health Success Coaches stay up-to-date on the latest health and wellness information to ensure you are receiving the best advice out there.

  • Impartial


    While a friend or family member might have strong opinions on your health, a Health Success Coach can view your situation from an unbiased lens.