5 Meal Sample 

Sample Box - $5 Off

Get a taste of QuickFresh with our 5 meal sample box! Each box contains 3 delicious entrées, 1 hearty breakfast, and 1 fresh salad. 


Sample Box - $5 Off
Sample Box - $5 Off
Sample Box - $5 Off
Sample Box - $5 Off
Sample Box - $5 Off
Sample Box - $5 Off
Sample Box - $5 Off

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What's Included

We Help Give You A FreshStart

Take Control of Your Health

8-Week Program

Turn your life around in just 8 weeks with FreshStart. The combination of delicious meals and personalized coaching will push you to the finish line and keep you disciplined. 

Skip The Roadblocks


Everyone deserves a cheerleader. Having a Success Coach will help you avoid the common issues that often surround life changes. No more excuses—just achieving your goals.

Transform Your Health
And Your Confidence

See The Rest Of
Jessica’s Journey

QuickFresh Proudly Made In Utah

With our roots in Utah, we strive to make it a better place. We take pride in our home and convey that in everything we do. Enjoy your QuickFresh and rest easy knowing exactly where it came from.