Food Is Not The Enemy

Patrick Essex

"This is the easiest weight I have ever lost. I haven't been this light in close to 20 years."

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“QuickFresh Is So Convenient For Busy, Working Professionals.”

Pat's FreshStart meals accompanied him to work at all hours of the day, making it easy to stay on track with his nutrition no matter what his schedule looked like.

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QuickFresh participants experience a change in mindset that helps them continue after the program is over.

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QuickFresh Changed Pat—And It Will Change You

“Food is not the enemy.” - QuickFresh aims to help your relationship with food improve. Weight loss is a secondary benefit that comes with.

“Healthy, fast, easy.” - QuickFresh entrées are specially made to be nutritious and delicious. You don't have to choose. They are ready to eat in just three minutes, perfect for life on the go.

“It helps having someone there to carry the burdens with you.” - QuickFresh Success Coaches offer personalized, educated advice to help you meet your goals and develop discipline.