• 21 Meals A Week

    21 Meals A Week

    Giving you the option to split your meals however you like, our 14-entrée plan delivers the most flexibility with the same flavor-packed nutrition to keep you on track.

  • Free Breakfast

    Free Breakfast

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and we agree, so we made it free. Wake up your taste buds with seven pre-packed meals for time-saving, all-day energy.

  • First Class Coaching

    First Class Coaching

    For personalized nutrition guidance, you’ll receive a free onboarding call with one of our certified health coaches. Your Success Coach will work with you to set health goals and develop a plan to achieve the results you want.

  • QuickFresh App Access

    QuickFresh App Access

    The QuickFresh app is your one-stop-health-shop. Use this dashboard to track your meals and workouts, measure results, and communicate with your coach in real-time. You can even sync it to your wearable device for on-the-go data.

14 Entrées Per Week + 7 Breakfast Meals

Our best deal ever, FreshStart includes 14 entrées and 7 free breakfasts for a meal plan that fits every schedule, every lifestyle, everyone. Choose from 4 bundles of either LowCal or Keto options, built with nutrition and flavor in mind, for a healthier and happier you.

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We’re In Your Corner

Work with your Success Coach to become the best version of yourself! From nutrition advice to meal planning and everything in between, your personal certified health mentor can help you reach the results you want.