How It Works


Each week, FEASTbox features three delicious cuisines for you to choose from. Every order is cooked, packaged, and shipped on the same day. Each entrée and side dish is prepared with locally sourced, clean ingredients, so you don’t get any unwanted inflammatory oils, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.


Each item is vacuumed sealed at our state of the art facility to preserve freshness and flavor. The food is cooked, chilled (not frozen), and shipped to you overnight. The box is insulated and the food is kept cold with ice-packs. Transfer each entrée and side to the fridge until you’re ready to prep the feast!


When it’s time to chow down, follow the simple heating instructions on each dish sleeve to warm it up. You can use the microwave, oven, or other heating appliances to get the food nice and toasty. Layout your food veggies first, then sides, and finally the entrées.


Finally, pass out the plates and watch the smiles spread! Get ready for a flavor explosion and enjoy an all-natural, chef-curated feast that was completely prepared by hand. Clean eating never tasted so good! The best part? The clean-up is minimal. Keep the leftovers, toss the trays, and move on with your day. No excessive cleaning required!

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