Ambassador Program

  • Our goal is to build a community of people looking to transform their lives and share their victories with their friends and family
  • Being a Brand Ambassador allows everyday people to share their victories
  • Receive ready-made meals delivered each week and coaching to help you achieve your goals  
  • Earn a 10% kickback for every order that you refer and free QuickFresh swag


At QuickFresh, health meets convenience. We deliver delicious meals that are ready to eat in two minutes, each specialized to fit within the bounds of a Keto or LowCal meal plan. Personalized Success Coaches guide you and hold you accountable as you work to develop healthier habits. Our vision and relentless focus is to help our customers transform their lives.

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Learn More 

Follow These Steps

  • Fill out the contact form
  • Receive a 5-10 minute call from a QuickFresh Health Coach
  • Learn about the QuickFresh Program
  • Begin sharing about your health journey

Your Why?

Meaningful Change

At QuickFresh, our WHY is the reason for everything we do. We’ve made it our mission to help our customers transform their lives. As you enjoy your meals and start your own health journey, helping others change will be a vital part of your ambassador purpose.


Health Is Wealth

  • QuickFresh meals delivered weekly
  • Receive shareable discount codes
  • Earn 10% commission
  • Personalized coach

Learn More About QuickFresh

9+ meals A Week

Giving you the option to split your meals however you like, our plans deliver the most flexibility with the same flavor-packed nutrition to keep you on track.

Free Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and we agree, so we made it free. Wake up your taste buds with seven pre-packed meals for time-saving, all-day energy.

First Class Coaching

For personalized nutrition guidance, you’ll receive a free onboarding call with one of our certified health coaches. Your Success Coach will work with you to set health goals and develop a plan to achieve the results you want.

QuickFresh App Access

The QuickFresh app is your one-stop-health-shop. Use this dashboard to track your meals and workouts, measure results, and communicate with your coach in real-time. You can even sync it to your wearable device for on-the-go data.

Success Stories
From Our Customers

Three minutes and they’re done. And it’s gourmet food, too!

 Mia Evans
Salt Lake City, Utah

It’s so convenient for busy, working professionals.

 Patrick Essex
Salt Lake City, Utah

Wearing my wedding ring is a huge victory for me. I haven’t worn it in 5 years!

 Jessica Draudt
Saratoga Springs, Utah

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